Structural WorkSuite Hub

The Structural WorkSuite Hub is the preferred method to Discover, Install, Launch and Update products within the Structural WorkSuite.

Get it now by navigating to:

Below guide walks through the installation of Structural WorkSuite Hub and the various workflows available to you in detail.

Ensure the last screen of above installer has the option "Launch Structural WorkSuite Hub" is checked prior to clicking Finish.

Structural WorkSuite Hub has dependency on CONNECTION Client and uses Subscription Entitlement Service (SES)

Subscription Entitlement Service

This product version utilizes Subscription Entitlement Service, which is not supported by SELECT activation key(s). SES is a free service, featuring new behavior to enhance your organization’s user administration and security with mandatory user sign-in via CONNECTION Client to access the application. If you are already signed in to the CONNECTION Client, you have met this prerequisite. If you have not, please refer to the Administrator's Resource Center and/or contact your administrator for assistance in the registration and sign-in process.

If you haven't done so already, you may be prompted  to login to CONNECTION Client - this is a prerequisite to using Structural Enterprise Hub.

Main interface

The main interface is a list of Structural WorkSuite applications, a brief description (along with information on how up-to-date the application is) and a action button next to each product. The primary action button on each list item reflects the status of your product, and it could be either Install, Launch or Update.

Clicking the small down arrow reveals further actions (such as links to Product Page, or Find More)


When no instance of a particular product of Structural WorkSuite Product is found on the users machine, the primary action would be "Install"

Windows Notification System is used to indicate status of installation.


When the latest version of a product is installed on users machine, status would indicate "Latest Version is Installed", and the available primary action is "Launch".

Clicking Launch would launch said product.

Clicking the star icon( located in the top right of each item) in the product list would make that a "Favorite" application and would be displayed at the top of the product list:

Clicking the star again ( ) would toggle its favorite status (returning it back to its default sort order in the list). 

When an older version of a product is installed on users machine, status would indicate in red New Version is Available, and the primary action is Launch, clicking the drop down reveals further actions including Update.

If user clicks Launch, user would be greeted with a reminder that a newer version is available, and it highly encouraged to upgrade:

User can upgrade from here, or select from the other reminder options:

Click "Remind me later", to continue the launching of the older version of product.
Click "Do not remind me again", to continue the launching of the older version of the product and not see this prompt again.
Click "Cancel" to return back to the Structural Enterprise Hub without launching any applications.

Settings Menu

Minimize on Close: If Selected, Structural Enterprise Hub will be minimized when the close button is clicked. Structural Enterprise Hub and can still be accessed via the windows system tray.

Launch on Startup: If Selected, Structural Enterprise Hub will be available when your machine starts up – That is to ensure its easier for you as the user to launch products within Structural Enterprise and also stay up to date.

Startup Minimized: -If Selected, Structural Enterprise Hub will reside in the windows system tray on start up.

Minimize after launching an application: - If Selected, Structural Enterprise Hub will minimize into the system tray after "launch" is selected.

Tray Options -number of recently launched applications shown in quick launch menu (system tray )

Download Options: Temporary location where installers for products are downloaded to.

Language Options - For some applications like STAAD.Pro, there are Japanese, Chinese language versions of the available installer. Selecting these languages will show the preferred language for products where available.

Refresh Products – Click this button to force refresh updates to product list and retrieve the latest product versions.

Restore Defaults – Restore all settings and customization to its installed defaults.


System Tray (context menu)

Structural WorkSuite Hub  can be quickly accessed in your system tray (double click with the mouse).

In addition to access Structural WorkSuite Hub, frequently used application within Structural WorkSuite can be easily launched via its context menu (right-click with the mouse).