DGN reference files in DWG work mode



When in DWG work mode and having DGN files attached as reference, on opening the master file MicroStation comes with a message in the Message Centre, stating:

DGN Reference "...\ReferenceDGN1.dgn" has been substituted for "ReferenceDGN1.dwg" The DWG reference file: "ReferenceDGN1.dgn" could not be found - "...\ReferenceDGN1.dgn" has been substituted for this attachment. This behaviour is expected when a DGN file is attached as a reference to a DWG file as it is not possible to store the DGN name in a DWG attachment.

When working with a Document Management System, this could lead to all kind of problems.


There is no solution to solve this issue as it is a Works As Designed.

However, it is possible to prevent attaching DGN files as reference while working in DWG work mode in MicroStation.

This can be done by adding the capability statement


to ...\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\MicroStation\config\system\workmode.cfg


Before making any changes to the configuration file, please make a copy to use as backup.

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