How to move Views to Application Window 3 and 4


Getting Views to display in multiple Application Windows


With the introduction of MicroStation CONNECT Edition it is possible to work with multiple Application Windows from between 2 to 4 in total. When these Application Windows are 'activated' it is not possible to simply 'drag and drop' any of the 8 available Views in these Windows. By default, Application Window 2 is filled with View 5 to 8.

Steps to Accomplish

This can be accomplished by having a left mouse click on the View header icon, of the View needed to be moved, go to Change Screen and select the desired Application Window.

The result will look something like this:

In some cases it may happen that an application window that was moved another monitor (as well as toolbars etc.), does not 'stick' to that monitor and shows on the main monitor again when the program is restarted. In such case:
- Move the application window to the desired monitor once again
- Maximize the application window on that monitor
- Choose: Save Settings
The next time that the program is started, the application window should display on the intended monitor.

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