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 Version:V8 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT

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Drafting tool for automatic snaps.

ACSUCSCoordinate system acronyms. ACS = Auxiliary Coordinate System; UCS = User Coordinate System.
Active DepthElevation
ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALELTSCALEConfiguration/system variable used to define the scale of line scale/linetype patterns.
ByLevel settingBYLAYER settingSetting that controls whether color, line weight, and line style are set for each level (layer).
Callout bubbleBalloonN/A
Cell librariesN/ANo analogous AutoCAD term.
Cells: shared and normalBlocksIn AutoCAD, all blocks behave like shared cells. There is no analogy to a normal cell.
Configuration variablesSystem variablesN/A
Design modelModel spaceDWG workmode and AutoCAD allow only one model. MicroStation DGN workmode allows multiple models.
DGN fileDWG fileNative file format for each program.
Drop ElementExplodeCommand used to demote element/object types to lower level. For example, cells/blocks can be demoted to geometry.
Element AttributesPropertiesTitle for current symbology of elements/objects.
Fit ViewZoom extentsCommand for zooming in on all elements currently in the drawing.

-"Zoom Extents" area will include layers that have display turned off
- MicroStation "Fit" tool will fit only visible geometry.

Global Freeze/Viewport Freeze (DWG workmode only)Freeze layersIn MicroStation, pay attention to the Mode setting in the Level Display dialog box.
HandlesGripsVertices on geometry that can be selected and manipulated.
Key-inCommand linePlace for entering commands/variables manually.
LevelsLayersBoth programs have a "Manager" style dialog box for controlling level/layer symbology. MicroStation also has the Level Display dialog box for quick on/off settings.
Line stylesLinetypesMicroStation standard line codes are not available in DWG workmode.
Merge into MasterBind XREFInserting an external reference into the current drawing.
Message CenterText windowPlace for viewing text messages of program feedback.
Nested referencesNested referencesMicroStation lets you control levels of nesting; AutoCAD does not.
ParasolidACISNative 3D modeling kernel for each program.
PatterningHatchingAutoCAD hatching relies on predefined patterns.
Pen tablesPlot stylesAutoCAD CTB and STB files can be imported into MicroStation.
ReferencesReferences: attachments and overlaysAutoCAD references are also known as XREFs (for "eXternal REFerences").
Seed filesTemplate drawing filesThese files are used as a starting point for newly-created files. They store standard settings.
Sheet modelDrawing layout (paper space)Unlimited sheet models (drawing layouts) allowed in both programs.
Smart LinePolylinePolylines can have variable width, as opposed to constant line weight.
TagsAttributesIn AutoCAD, attributes must be part of a block.
ViewViewportsMicroStation views are more flexible in terms of display attributes and number.
View Attributes(Drafting Settings)In AutoCAD, there is no analogy to View Attributes. Some settings are found in the taskbar/drafting settings area.
Working unitsDrawing unitsMicroStation has a setting on the DWG Open dialog box for Design Center Units. This corresponds to AutoCAD's setting for "Drawing units for DesignCenter blocks".

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