Microsoft SQL Compact server 3.5 error while installing STAAD.Pro CE

Applies To
Version(s): and higher
Environment: ALL
Area: STAAD.Pro Download/Installation/Security/Performance
Subarea: Installation
Original Author:Ranjana, Bentley Technical Support Group


While installing Staad Pro, error pops up " Failed to install Microsoft SQL Compact server 3.5 SP2 English (x64) with error code ,fatal error.


There may be a possibility that you have limited permissions to install. To check, please download the STAAD installer with layout option (so that you have all the installable components separately) and try installing the following in the mentioned order. 

Procedure to download staad installer layout image given in the link . 

Try installing in the below mentioned order :



now run the setup file for STAAD.Pro and check if still the error appears.