How to Create a Windows System Variable.


How to create a Windows System variable


Sometimes it may be necessary to define a MicroStation variable as a Windows System variable. When a variable is defined as a Windows System variable all installed products that support that variable will detect it and it won't be necessary to define it in each individual products' configuration files.

Steps to Accomplish

Windows 7 / Vista

1. Right Click on "Computer" and select "Properties"


2. Click on "Advanced System Settings"

3. In "System Properties" open the "Advanced" tab and then click on "Environment variables"



4. in the "System Variables" section of the "Environment Variables" dialog, click on "New"

5. In the "New Variable" dialog enter the Variable name and value.

6. Click "Ok" and close all the dialogs.

Windows XP

Follow the above steps for Windows 7 / Vista: only in Windows XP "Computer" is called "My Computer" and skip step 2 as step 1 will directly open "System Properties".

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