STAAD Product Releases in December 2018 and Associated Licensing Changes

Applies To
Version(s):CONNECT Edition  V22
Area:STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

What is new in the December 2018 releases of the STAAD software?

STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22 now incorporates S-Cube design and detailing technology directly into the main STAAD.Pro or STAAD.Pro Advanced interface and licensing. This includes:

STAAD Advanced Concrete Design

STAAD Planwin

Steel Autodrafter

Structural Enterprise now includes RCDC FE. This product specializes in the design, detailing, drawing and documentation of reinforced concrete slabs, foundations, rafts, and pile caps, working off the results of a STAAD.Pro or SAFE model.


What happens to the STAAD Advanced Concrete Design and PlanWin licenses that I used to own through Bentley?

Although users will retain access to the functionality, STAAD Advanced Concrete Design licenses no longer exist. Each seat of STAAD Advanced Concrete Design an account owned was used to upgrade a license of STAAD.Pro to STAAD.Pro Advanced, at no upgrade charge. Any STAAD Advanced Concrete Design licenses that could not be used to upgrade a STAAD.Pro license were replaced with RCDC licenses (for example, if an account owned more STAAD Advanced Concrete Design licenses then STAAD.Pro licenses). RCDC is a standalone version of the software. RCDC is what the product was originally called by S-Cube.

Similarly, PlanWin licenses no longer exist. The PlanWin functionality is now covered by a STAAD.Pro, STAAD.Pro Advanced, or Structural Enterprise license.


How has my license portfolio changed as a result of these license changes?

Seats of STAAD Advanced Concrete no longer appear on your contract and you will no longer be charged SELECT for these. Instead, these licenses were ‘merged’ with STAAD.Pro basic licenses and replaced with STAAD.Pro Advanced (which contains Advanced Concrete Design natively). STAAD Planwin licenses were also removed from your contract as this feature is now contained natively in STAAD.Pro. Any RCDC or RCDC-FE licenses that you owned through a contract with S-Cube have been migrated to your Bentley contract.


Where do I download updates to RCDC, RCDC FE, PlanWin, and Steel Autodrafter?

All Bentley Structural Analysis software is available for download on the Bentley Software Downloads site:

Steel Autodrafter and PlanWin are included directly in the STAAD.Pro download and installation. RCDC can also be installed with the STAAD.Pro installer, at the user’s option. Alternatively, for users not utilizing STAAD.Pro, RCDC can be downloaded and installed standalone from the Software Downloads site. RCDC FE is also a standalone installation.


Are the new versions of RCDC and RCDC FE still compatible with CSI software (ETABS and SAFE)?



How do I purchase licenses of RCDC and RCDC FE?

Please contact your Bentley sales representative for information on purchasing.


There is a new type of license shown in STAAD.Pro called Structural SELECT Entitlements. What is this?

Structural SELECT Entitlements are simply features in STAAD that are available only to accounts on Bentley's SELECT or ELS programs. This concept was first introduced in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22. The Steel Autodrafter and Building Planner workflows in STAAD.Pro are presently the only two SELECT Entitlements in STAAD. There is no way to turn these features on if you are not on SELECT or ELS. This was shown in the license dialog as a quick means of verifying access.