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How is STAAD.Pro Connect version licensed?


When STAAD.Pro is run for the first time, the license server will inform you if you have been provided the entitlement to use STAAD.Pro and any other license you have chosen.

It is possible to check that you have suitable entitlements before attempting to run STAAD.Pro by clicking on the Activation Wizard from the License Configuration dialog. Enter the details of the products/licenses required but that are not currently shown. If these products are included in your entitlement, then they will be displayed with the provided entitlement details.

If STAAD.Pro is run prior to obtaining the status of entitlements in this way, the entitlements will be determined by checking the license server directly. This may result in a slightly slower startup of STAAD.Pro on its first run, but if suitable entitlements have been granted, STAAD.Pro should launch quicker with future starts.

The Activation Wizard displays the entitlement status of all products that you have run on the local machine.

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