When initiating a customize tool an error occurs with an ID conflict.



When initiating a customize tool that is loading and mdl application user is receiving an error that there is an ID conflict. The MDL application runs fine locally but will not run from the network.


The problem is the user needs to load the application first before and commands of the mdl can be executed. There are two options.

  1. In Workspace > Customize go to the Tool Boxes tab and select the tool box that will need to be modified. Then select the tool and select Modify in the key-in portion of the modify dialog place the "mdl load" key-in and specify the full path to where the mdl exist followed by a semicolon and the any other commands to be executed.
  2. Point the MS_MDLAPPS variable to the location of the mdl app if it is not in the default directory of Program Files/Bentley/Program/Microstation/mdlapps/

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group