Move STAAD. Pro License to New Machine

Applies To
Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area:STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
Original Author:Aaradhya Rahate, Bentley Technical Support Group

How to move STAAD.Pro license to a new machine?

Before proceeding for installation in New Machine, First check in "Bentley Licensing Tool" if you have Checkout License for STAAD Pro. in your current Machine as shown in below image.

1)If Yes, First Check in the License as shown in below snap

2)Further Log out from Connection Client and Uninstall STAAD Pro. from Control Panel.

3) If you have not Checkout STAAD Pro., Sign Out from Connection Client, and Simply Uninstall Software from Control Panel.

4)Later you can download STAAD Pro with the help of wiki

5)Once the download part is completed, refer below Installation wiki for STAAD Pro.