How do I check that I'm using STAAD.Pro Advanced?

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Version(s):CONNECT Edition 
Environment: ALL
Area: STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
Subarea: N/A
Original Author:Payel Sasmal, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description:

We recently upgraded from STAAD.Pro to STAAD.Pro Advanced. Do I need to download and install a new software package? How do I make sure that it's activated on my existing software. 


You do not need to install any new software package. From the start up screen of STAAD.Pro; you can select the STAAD.Pro Advanced option as shown next


Make sure that you select STAAD.Pro Advanced under the Product Type and click on Accept.

Exit out of STAAD.Pro. Next time when you open STAAD.Pro, you will be using the STAAD.Pro Advanced License. You can confirm that by checking the Primary Licenses section located at the bottom right hand corner of the start up page of STAAD.Pro as seen next. The STAAD.Pro Advanced license should now have a green light next to it

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