Configure STAAD.Pro CONNECT edition for Advanced Analysis

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Version(s): and higher
Environment: ALL
Area: STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
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Original Author:Payel Sasmal,
Bentley Technical Support Group


How do I turn the advanced analysis option on/off in STAAD.Pro CONNECT edition?  I do not see it under 'License Configuration' like previous versions.


Here is how one can choose the STAAD.Pro Advanced from the startup page of STAAD.Pro

If you would want this dialog box to come up whenever you start STAAD.Pro you can do it by checking the box below

Click on OK and exit from STAAD.Pro. Next time when you open STAAD.Pro, you will get the STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Licensing dialog box. 

Note, these settings are stored in the Registry under 

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bentley Systems\StaadPro\22.00.00\LicenseConfig

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bentley Systems\StaadPro\21.00.00\LicenseConfig ( for older CE versions)

ProductType 1 configures the program to use a STAAD.Pro license. A value of 2 configures it to use STAAD.Pro Advanced

ShowConfigDialog 1 configures the license dialog to appear when the product starts. A value of zero turns it off. 

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