Structural SELECT Entitlements

Applies To
Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area:STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

The following table lists which items are included with Structural SELECT Entitlements and the Structural WorkSuite license, as well as which STAAD.Pro items and related products require additional license.



STAAD.Pro Advanced

Structural WorkSuite

Structural Analysis and Design 




Advanced Analysis 




Building Planner1 

SELECT Entitlement

SELECT Entitlement



SELECT Entitlement

SELECT Entitlement


Physical Modeler  
Structural Wizard 

SELECT Entitlement

SELECT Entitlement


The following support basic functions as noted.           
Separate licenses are required for full functionality. 

Foundation Design 

Isolated, combined, and pile cap foundations only 


Connection Design 

A subset of basic BCF and BCW connections only 


STAAD Advanced Concrete Design 

Beamcolumn, and
wall design only 



Nuclear Design Codes 

Separate license required 

1Building Planner was formerly known as STAAD PlanWin. 

Note: Structural SELECT Entitlements are features in STAAD.Pro that are available only to accounts on Bentley's SELECT or E365 (formerly ELS) programs. These entitlements are also included with Virtuoso Subscriptions. This concept was first introduced in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22. There is no way to turn these features on if you are not on one of these programs. The Structural SELECT Entitlements are shown in the license dialog as a quick means of verifying access.