SELECT Server Licensing

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Area:STAAD.Pro Licensing Solutions
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

SELECT Licensing is Bentleys older method of providing validation for product activation and usage. This form of licensing has been used in all versions of STAAD.Pro V8i and all versions of STAAD.Pro preceding CONNECT Edition V22. This has now been replaced in the latest versions of STAAD.Pro by Bentley’s CONNECT Licensing. See CONNECT Incensing for more details.

To use a version of STAAD.Pro that is licensed with SELECT Licensing, you will need to ensure that you have provided your SELECT server name and Site Activation key which provides the validation for the use of your Bentley products. This should be provided to you by your IT services manager.

Note that this is not required when using Bentley CONNECT, activation is managed automatically for though entitlements allocated to your work email account.


If a product such as STAAD.Pro, is installed and run, then it is required to have a license for this identified on the server with the site activation key and the product activated on the local machine. By running STAAD.Pro, the server will confirm whether the product is available, if so, then a message showing that the product has not been activated locally will be displayed and will need to be confirmed.

If either the server does not include the product, or the product is not activated locally, then STAAD.Pro can still be run, but only for 7 days in Trial Mode. After this time, if it has not been activated, then STAAD.Pro will terminate.

Each time STAAD.Pro is used it is required to contact the licensing server. If it fails, such as using the program offline, STAAD.Pro will continue to be operational, but will need to connect back to the licensing server within seven days to report the use or else STAAD.Pro will become crippled and cannot be used until connection to the server and the reporting of use has been restored.