Line styles from reference appear as style Continuous

 Version:V8, V8i, CONNECT Edition


Line styles from reference appear as continuous line style in dwg file


DWG file has reference attached, but the line styles from the reference file appear as Continuous.

Setting the scale globally may remedy this issue:

Key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE (scale value).

If it does not resolve the issue check the reference line style name in the Level Manager and Line style pull down.

If the line style name has the reference file name, a vertical bar, then the line style name, the file will not open in AutoCAD (Invalid line style name) and the line styles will not appear correctly in MicroStation.

This happens when the line styles in the reference file are not loaded in the master file, before the reference is attached.

Two methods for resolving this issue:

1. Ensure the line style is loaded in master file, then change the bylevel style for the reference file to the actual line style name (Change reflHidden to Hidden)

2. Delete the reference, compress unused line styles to purge bad line style names from file, import line styles from .lin, reattach reference.

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