MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 2 Resolved Issues

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What is fixed between and ?

Product: MicroStation V8i


Here is the list:
311031 - [Geographic Coordinate System] Sweden coordinate system SWEREF
99 18 00 has slightly different definition (inverted axis) than
EPSG:3011 while internally mapped one to the other.

310640 - Request for Geographic Coordinate System for Singapore (SVY 21)

261423 - The "Move to Contact" tool does not move all elements as

287864 - Incorrect angles are being reported with the Label Line tool.

307960 - When publishing an AutoPLANT model - some of the elements come
across as AutoPLANT dgn types - so they require the AP element handler.

312197 - Using hpglrtl.pltcfg with Border On = true, any Border text \
comment = true, and Fence outline on = true, the fence outline prints at
the correct origin (0,0). However, the drawing is printed with a 3/8
inch offset.

312060 - Move to Contact tool is bypassing elements for text elements.

310531 - When we export a DGN file to a Collada file, the result is not

311821 - Crash after using Insert Dimension tool with existing dimension
on Cone element

313423 - After installation of PWG Admin when creating BG Map from
remote XP machine, getting MMC crash error.

313357 - The displayed markups are not automatically detached when the
file is closed in MicroStation.

313377 - The markup Display On check indicators are not persisted
between versions.

314364 - Merge into Master impossible

313819 - DWG export: external attachments - merged to cells - are

310331 - IPLOT can't plot elements with tags. The plot / preview process
is resulting in a exception log

314223 - Memory not releasing in Batch Process for Materials.

315267 - Wrong scaled tags nested in shared cells

D-81218 - Relationships are lost after doing DesignHistoryRevert

291715 - Ms Crash assigning a saved view to a view with "Window" option

308911 - Significant degradation in performance of Print Organizer when
working with PW managed workspaces.

316098 - ProjectWise MCM checkin cause MicroStation crash due to NULL
model ref pointer when there is no active design file.

314449 - WMS doesn't manage custom GCS as expected

D-82210 - I-models cannot be processed if they are located over a
network path.

316171 - A fatal error has occurred when "Discarded Invalid Entities" is