CONNECT Edition v9.7.3 Release Notes

What's New in CONNECT Edition V9.7.3


This page describes improvements made to STAAD Foundation Advanced (SFA) since the CONNECT Edition V9 Update 7.2 (Release

The purpose of this release is to provide our users a version that contains some minor enhancements and corrections for errors found in past versions. It does not contain any new features nor any significant upgrades to existing features.


For mat foundations, after the analysis of the STAAD.Pro finite element model of the mat, a viewer has been available in the program for viewing the results of the analysis displayed in the output file (file with the .ANL extension). This viewer has been upgraded so that it is same as the latest edition which is supplied with the STAAD.Pro software.


Defects Rectified


  1. For some design codes like Canadian, Indian, etc., during any iteration on the ultimate load cases, if the isolated footing failed in one-way shear, instead of incrementing the thickness (if the maximum permissible thickness had not yet been reached), the program was incrementing the plan dimensions. This led to a footing that was larger in plan size but smaller in thickness than a footing that could be comparatively smaller in plan size but larger in thickness. This has been corrected.
  2. In version and older, for load cases that were causing partial uplift due to which some part of the footing experienced tension on the top surface, the program was not reporting the reinforcement for the top surface. This has been corrected.
  3. In version and older, during the design of isolated footings for which the program is instructed to find the required size based on the Calculate Dimension method of design, it has been found that in some cases, the program computes a slightly larger size than what is needed to satisfy the soil pressure and contact area limits. The excess amount is equal to the dimensions contained in the increment for the two plan directions. Thus, for example, if a plan size "a X b" is sufficient, and the increment for the 2 directions is defined using the terms “dx” and “dz”, the program was computing a size equal to (a + dx) X (b + dz). This has been corrected.
  4. In version, for isolated footings designed to the Canadian code using the Calculate Dimension method, false messages were displayed in the output pane indicating that the footing was failing in one-way shear even when the footing was safe in that condition. This has been corrected.