How to Download OpenBridge Modeler or OpenBridge Designer?

To download OpenBridge Modeler or OpenBridge Designer follow the simple steps below:

  1. In your web browser go to or from our webpage got to Support and click on GO TO CONNECT CENTER, the Bentley Cloud Services  
  2. Insert your SELECT credentials to Log in (e-mail and password), click "Next" button Once you have logged in, on the top page at the section Get Started... you can click the icon Upgrade, it will take you to the
  3. My Services section, click on the option Software Downloads  at this page you will see featured products, new and updated products as well as the most popular products to download.
  4. Now select Bridge Analysis in the Product Line field and click the Apply button. Optionally you can already select the OpenBridge as the Brand,   
  5. All the downloads associated with OpenBridge Modeler and OpenBridge Designer products will be shown. Select the desired product by clicking on the Get Software button   
  6. Current software available will now display, click the Apply button and then select the Download button to begin the downloading process. If needed, use the filters to select Generation, Version, Language, Architecture, Deliverable Type, Subscription Entitlement.   


Once the file is downloaded, select Open File, this will begin the installation process or select a folder to Save the file to the desired location.

If you cannot download software from the Bentley fulfillment document find more information at the link below: