Resolved issues in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14,


The MicroStation CONNECT Edition Team examined and resolved many issues across multiple areas for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14. 

Issue NumberDescription
137969Resolved issue when replace mirrored cell containing text.
448928Fixed issue with Notes Text Justification shifting  when Annotation Scale is changed.
560829Resolved issue with specific file taking a long time to open.
640876Fixed issue with Place Label> Horizontal Attachment> ‘Auto’ is not working on all cells.
694124Fixed issue with place 'Date Plotted' File Property field.
694420Resolved issue with "Ignore locate interiors" setting under Preferences-Raster not correctly working if Preferences-Input-Locate interiors are enabled.
724866Fixed specific issue when changing element level in MicroStation Connect taking an extended period of time.
726432Fixed issue with Nested reference's Display switch is turned ON by Reference Copy.
727440 ‘Geometric Tolerance’ tool is available in Dimensions toolbox.
728163Fixed issue with changing references to Cached visible edges causes elements to change color.
733299Resolved issue with Arcs added to imprints with an inner loop.
737541Fixed specific issue with Text orientation lost when Merged into Master.
756973Resolved issue with exporting Coordinates accuracy option.
778939Resolved specific issue with certain file hangs while exporting to STEP.
798901Resolved issue with Chamfer distance/angle incorrect.
800638Fixed issue with Measure Distance Perpendicular with Flatten Direction View Z showing incorrect result.
853265Animation producer keyframe graph window shrink on every time we edit Animation Producer Window size.
854770Fixed issue with pattern map is scaled on element in FBX file when file is exported to FBX.
861153Resolved issue where Upgrade Tag only shows 7 Tags at a time for Upgrading.
863125Fixed issue with Define Sheet Border tool incorrectly rescaling the Sheet Boundary.
865313Fixed issue with specific file that was Unable to Cut Solid with Curve.
865905Improved performance with Modify Solid with Modify Face.
885315Resolved issue where Select by Text Styles was not correctly working.
888321Fixed issue with Luxology dialog not updating to show light setups present in active model when we shift from one model to another in same file.
891704Resolved issue with Measure Area > Method: Union.
892964Fixed issue with Display Rule using default value of the 'Property Type' created, instead of the one that is used.
892975Fixed issue with Display Rule does not shows new 'Property Type' in the Generate Dialog.
895361Resolved issue when changing GCS the position of reprojected references is not automatically updated.
901303Fixed issue with Line segment details table missing.
901422Fixed specific issue where Level Descriptions are being changed when modifying Level Override symbology.
903807Fixed issue with Georeferenced JPG file not fully loading.
910939Fixed issue with not able to save specific DGN file to DWG.
913265Resolved issue with Text Favorite not copying associated text styles from dgnlib to local dgn.
916676Fixed issue with Dimension Angular> Angle Between Lines> turn ON ‘Start Extension’ causes ‘End Extension’ to activate.
916698Fixed issue with Dimension Angular> Angle Between Lines> ‘End Extension’ option.
919546Resolved issue with specific file where Create Region Flood fill not correctly filling.
926644Resolved issue with Default Model View Group from 2D seed named incorrectly.
927927Fixed issue with Visible edges incomplete when rendering with high resolution.
928392Fixed issue with Orientation of Material attachments is incorrect when we export given file to SketchUP.
932306Resolved issue with importing specific STEP file taking a long time.
938911Resolved issue with Pattern of material scaled down after exporting to FBX.
939068Fixed issue with imprinted Geometry does not stay on respective face if geometry of a solid changes.
940664Resolved issue with Enter Data Field changes color to 0 when edited.
941513Fixed issue with using Levels from a DGNLIB in Multi-line definition.
941556Fixed issue with Quick Properties that was removed (Alt + Right click).
942787Resolved issue when creating a WorkSet using an existing WorkSet as a template, the existing files & folders used are not determined by the existing WorkSet.cfg file.
944399Improved the time taken to switch from MicroStation to Backstage.
947755Resolved issue with Text in mirrored cell display.
949983Improved the time to show properties of element on Properties dialog.
954357Improved performance when First File Open time, when there are large list of Pinned WorkSets.
963019Resolved issue with Hatch pattern are not getting displayed in section cut graphics.
963565Fixed issue with Measure Distance Along tool will not allowing to switch between elements by doing right click if elements are overlapped.
964523Resolved issue with specific file where the reference containing pattern was unable to be moved.
967610Resolved issue where Browse button in Import-Export Coordinates tool opens to "C:\Windows\System32" directory always. Instead should open to last used directory.
968870Fixed issue with specific file with Points placed on element are not snappable.
988808Resolved issue where Tool Settings box moves on Update View.
999646Resolved issue where Editing mesh causes material information lost.
1005783Resolved issue where Blocks/Attributes from Xref. file is rotated in specific file.
1006923Fixed issue with Element Selection Inside or Overlapping Area not selecting elements in specific file.
1009619Message center shows follow link failed while opening the PDF file name which is in other language except English.
1009630Fixed issue with specific DGN file not saving correctly as DWG.
1009781Resolved issue with specific file that has attached files to printing to PDF.
1011531Resolved issue where specific 3D PDF files are missing elements.
1012525Resolved issue with Background color is not applied by Display Rules in Wireframe views.
1012762Resolved a crash where placing field for item type property which contains special characters.
1012904Resolved issue with a crash when dragging a fence in a specific file.
1014396Resolved issue with texture mapping not correctly converted in to FBX.
1014889Resolved issue with _USTN_CAPABILITY < -CAPABILITY_BYLEVEL not correctly working in specific situation.
1018662Fixed issue with large dimension arrow heads in specific DWG file.
1018998Resolved issue with Levelaudit crashing when entering report nullnames.
1021015Fixed issue with crash while opening specific IFC file.
1021257Fixed issue with opening specific file crashes.
1021968Resolved issue where incorrect area calculation for identically same shapes in specific file.
1022120Fixed issue where file is unable to import this IGES file.
1023412Resolved issue with Text placed along curved element changes position when edited or modified in specific file.
1024680Fixed issue with Design File Cleanup fails / takes longer time to find duplicates in specific file.
1026618Resolved issue with WMS map attachment fails.
1027112Resolved issue unable to edit the feature of a Solid by Extrusion Along Path with inter diameter as 0 in specific file.
1027356Fixed issue with Images created using HTML Cell Library are distorted.
1028022Fixed issue with Bing Map feature does not work because of reprojection errors for British Nat Grid.
1028374Resolved issue with Cells Placed on wrong level in specific file.
1028559Fixed issue with New Customized Tabs are missing not visible.
1028621Fixed issue with commands applied to customized ribbon disappears if they come from Choose components from TAB.
1028708Resolved issue with empty curve was resulted in a crash.
1029219Resolved issue with Vissim data and Geometry does not match on export as vissim data placed far away from Geometry.
1029417Resolved issue with Level display not working properly - turn off but still visible.
1029428Fixed issue to create new level, activate it & then creating elements on it does not display those element.
1029684Resolved issue to interpret the GCS in specific ContextCapture generated 3MX.
1030159Resolved issue with specific file when MicroStation crash on Exporting File to LumenRT.
1031587C# SDK Interface Problem of Bentley.DgnPlatformNET.Modify
1031881Fixed Crash Converting Meshes to Solid in specific file.
1032160Resolved issue where 'Revert customizations for selected Ribbon item' is constantly greyed out.
1032549Fixed issue with Data File Clean Up remove arcs even though they are not duplicate.
1032855Fixed issue with Level display not working properly with level names containing umlaut.
1033555Resolved issue with Sheet Index does not number the sheets correctly for sub-folders (child folders).
1034205Fixed File-specific file crash.
1034698Fixed the issue with the normal are reversed for Extract Points from a Surface/Face tool compared to V8i.
1034709Resolved issue with the normal of created surface are reversed to Surface tool compared to V8i.
1034818Fixed issue with DWG tables resized when modified.
1035819Fixed issue with Stencil creates separate line segment for each mesh surface instead of creating continues line.
1036131Fixed Cut Solid with Curve : while using Line as a cutting profile, Tool shows incorrect Cut Direction (portion to be removed).
1036178Fixed Cut Solid with Curve : while using Line as a cutting profile, Cut Direction Arrow (indicating portion to be removed) is not visible instantaneously.
1036195Fixed Cut Solid with Curve : Not able to control the cutting profile curve projection.
1036618LOB placed under Custom path  wont found for Proxy replace when we export file from MicroStation to LumenRT.
1036901Fixed issue with MicroStation closing when trying to open a certain file.
1037645Resolved issue with Array Along Path Tool generates incorrect Preview on copied and New Parametric Solids.
1037870Fixed issue with Mirror Copy (2D Manipulation) of Profile based Solids (having 2D Parametric cell as Profile) shows Profile as Extended element instead Parametric Cell.
1037986Resolved issue with using Stretch/Fence Stretch on cell which having Parametric solid that could cause crash.
1038433Fixed issue to attach specific POD file.
1038453Fixed issue with displaying AutoCAD rotated mtext (callouts) correctly.
1039083Resolved issue to Manipulate (Move/Copy/Rotate)multiple parametric cell instances after updating variables value for some instances.
1040301Fixed issue with Cell Selector dialog is not following aspect ratio in which csf file has been saved.
1041096Resolved issue with Active Angle key-in "AA" does not work for Parametric cells.
1041995Fixed issue with Shared cell located in undisplayed level became displayed by Zoom Out.
1042280Fixed issue with Extract Iso-Curves tool not responding on Bspline Surface.
1042369Fixed issue with DWG Multi-leaders having own annotation scale not matching Models annotation scale.
1042772Resolved issue with specific File crash when opened.
1045257Fixed issue with imported STEP file with missing elements.
1045368Fixed issue with Level Display is changing when opening specific file created in V8i.
1046697Resolved issue with Numeric input for position mapping not working.
1047433Resolved issue with specific crash when opening View 3 in Default View Group.
1048002Fixed issue with specific file that crashes upon open.
1049248Fixed issue with  Texture map path not being found if texture maps defined are in sub folder on same root of dgn folder when the material map path contains a partial directory.
1049681Resolved issue with unable to see elements from specific V7 file.
1049996Fixed issue with Selecting and deleting a long list of materials from palette leads to a crash.
1050060Fixed issue using Fence File (FF=) with a reference file containing Smart Solids.
1050801Fixed issue with Rtext not displaying.
1050885Resolved Visible Edge setting set through variable is does not get applied when attaching reference through drag and drop method only.
1051124Fixed issue with Label coordinates (xyz text) tool in DWG workmode not working correctly.
1051565Resolved issue with exporting to ACIS SAT version 6.0 is fails for units mm.
1052409Fixed issue where MS_REF_MAXNESTDEPTH does not get applied when attaching reference through drag and drop method only.
1052601Scaling (2D Manipulation) of Profile based Solids (having 2D Parametric cell as Profile) shows Profile as Extended element instead Parametric Cell
1052735Fixed issue Mleaderline and MText color changed on Copy and Save.
1053525The extracted Edge by Extract Faces/Edges tool moved from original location.
1054571Fixed issue converting mesh to SmartSolid causing a crash.
1054743Resolved issue with Boolean Operation 'Unite Solids' creates incorrect results with Mirrored Solids (Merge Parametric Solids : ON).
1054959Fixed issue with Feature Array Along Path Tool generates incorrect Result if Base Solid (Slab) is generated in a specific way.
1056131Fixed issue with Copied Annotation with a Text frame Box, rotates the box.
1056358Fixed issue with Texture map not seen on element if make a same material copy and attached to another elements.
1056526Fixed issue with Quick Properties dialog shows cut off at the bottom of the dialog depending on which elements selected for quick review.
1058003Resolved issue with disabling Autosave preference locks files.
1058501Resolved issue with specific File created by Save as DXF can only be opened by MicroStation CONNECT not V8i.
1059060Fixed issue with speciific file converted from DWG to DGN in MicroStation CONNECT fail to convert back to DWG.
1059235Fixed issue with Fit View on raster clip not working correctly.
1059668Resolved specific issue with Trims Solids not working in specific file.
1060497Resolved issue with Background color from Element fill color override is not applied by Display Rules.
1061144Fixed issue with Ribbon status not staying minimized.
1061545Resolved issue that Polygon Collection disappear.
1061575Resolved issue with Save As V7 and specific file crashes when working in V7 workmode.
1061606Improved opening time with specific DWG file with Text takes 25 % more time to open than V8i
1061607Resolved issue with specific DWG file with lines takes that take an extended period of time to open compared to V8i.
1061608Resolved issue with specific DWG file with shared cells takes extended time to open.
1062662Fixed issue with Feature Array Along Path Tool generates incorrect Result if Base Solid (Slab) is generated in a specific way.
1062843Fixed issue with ECW file incorrect space.
1063036Resolved issue with Fill not displaying in specific file.
1063051Fixed issue with crash when importing IFC.
1064075Fixed issue with Exterior Render Setups: Any change disables Antialiasing.
1064168Resolved issue with description of datum NAD83/2011.
1064264Resolved issue when exporting Item Types instance data results in a crash.
1064532Resolved a crash in specific file while opening file.
1064700Resolved issue with Compress a particular file results in a crash.
1065238Resolved issue with ESPG:4019 Coordinate System is in incorrect units
1066205Resolved issue with crash on opening files with Design History with specific file.
1066513Fixed issue with B-spline by Tangent does not work with Arcs.
1066532Fixed issue in a reference file that has locate column turned off.  If locate is turned off the geometry in the reference file should not be located
1069658Fixed issue with 2D file, where some backward elements coming in front when creating a Group of selected elements.
1070282Resolved issue with specific file where Measure Area result is incorrect.
1070527Resolved issue with missing Belgium GCS: EPSG:31370B – New Belge Lambert 72.
1074732Resolved issue with crash on opening specificfile with certain display style
1075684Resolved issue with WorkSet Template Custom Properties not copied to new WorkSet.
1075695Fixed issue with Link containing multiple keyins does not parse keyin arguments correctly.
1075765Resolved issue with Display problem with revolved surface.
1076143Resolved issue with implementation of OSTN15 transformations.
1078291Resolved issue with GCS shift error for Custom Coordinates.