How to run a Report on location of cells and place as a Table

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How to run a Report on location of cells and place as a Table


In the following example a user would like to place a Table in the design that will show the location of Street Lights along with their maintenance records ( Item types attached to cell ).

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Use the Explore Advanced Search to Locate the Parking Light Cells placed in the design

  2. Generate a Report definition from the search

  3. In the Reports dialog ensure 'Search Location' settings are as required.

  4. Under the heading 'Include Items' select the 'Item Types' Cells and add the Related Item 'Element has attached Items' choosing the required attached Item data to include in the Report.

  5. Add Report Columns for the cells attached Item data

  6. Add Columns for the location of the cells and choose the property Cells > Geometry > Origin.

  7. Optional: Having selected the Origin in the last step this will populate the X,Y,Z location of the cells origin in the column, if individual columns are required for each coordinate under a different column heading. Right click on the column heading and select 'Add Formatting' and choose the coordinate required under ' Select Coordinate ' and change the additional formatting as required.

  8. Use the Reports ' Preview Results ' to verify the content is as required, and adjust accordingly

  9. Place the Report as a Table into the design choosing the appropriate Tool Settings.

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