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MicroStation V8i Software Prerequisite Pack

The MicroStation V8i Software Prerequisite Pack is a sequencing of Microsoft redistributables housed in a Microsoft IExpress package. The Administrator has to unpack the MicroStation V8i Software Prerequisite Package using a command to obtain the relevant .MSI files.

To get a list of available command options, submit the following command:

"Setup Prerequisites" /?

"Setup Prerequisites" /?  (Note: SS1 and SS2)

The sample command below will extract the files to the listed location (C:\some\full\path) without continuing on to installation.

"Setup Prerequisites"  /C /T:C:\some\full\path

"Setup Prerequisites" /C /T:C:\some\full\path   (Note: SS1 and SS2)

If you open PrerequisitesGUI.hta from the extraction with a text editor, you can obtain a listing of the files that need to be installed in order to install the MicroStation V8i Software Prerequisite Pack in its entirety. The appropriate section begins with the comment "The HTML dialog layout". Each command line follows the attribute "BSI_CMD=". The Administrator just has to issue the command indicated in each of the HTML "List Items" ("LI" element tag).

Please note that there is no uniformity in the Microsoft world. Consequently, there are various different return codes for success, failure, and reboot needed for each package. Some packages must be (or must not be) installed in certain OS and service packs. But that control should be available to the Administrator from their mass deployment infrastructure.

A Registry key must be created that indicates to the MicroStation installer that the PreReq or equivalent procedure has been run. The key and name is "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bentley\XM_Prerequisite\InstalledVersion" and has a string value of the Prerequisite Package. An example is "08110505".

There will be a different key which corresponds to the release of the PreReq pack.  See the table below

Release              Registry Entry

08.11.03.xx       "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bentley\XM_Prerequisite\081103xx\InstalledVersion"
08.11.05.xx       "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bentley\XM_Prerequisite\081105xx\InstalledVersion" 08.11.07.xx       "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bentley\XM_Prerequisite\081107xx\InstalledVersion"

For Windows 7 64 Bit the entry would be:

08.11.07.xx        "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bentley\XM_pREREQUISITE\081107XX\InstalledVersion"

MicroStation V8i

The MicroStation Product installer is housed in a Microsoft IExpress package. The same command options given above will extract the product files:

ms08110511en.exe /C /T:C:\some\full\path

ms081107443.exe /C /T:C:\some\full\path


There are two public properties that can be specified on the "msiexec" command line for the MicroStation MSI file. (Note: These are documented in the delivered MicroStation V8 XM Edition Documentation in Programmed Customizations>Command Line Arguments and Exception Logs>Setting Parameters for MicroStation Silent Installation.)

APPLICATIONFOLDER - The directory into which the MicroStation program and associated files will be installed. This value must be quoted if it contains spaces or other characters that are reserved by the command shell.

PACKAGE_HOMEROOT - The directory into which the MicroStation workspaces and associated files will be installed. This value must be quoted if it contains spaces or other characters that are reserved by the command shell.

These public properties are different for MicroStation V8 XM Edition.  See Installing MicroStation V8 XM Edition silently for more information.

Here is an example command for msiexec:

msiexec /l*v c:\silent.log /qn APPLICATIONFOLDER=C:\silent install\Program\ PACKAGE_HOMEROOT=C:\Silent install\homeroot\" /i "MicroStation.msi"


msiexec - This is the Windows Installer

/l*v c:\silent.log - Produces a log of the installation

/qn - Suppresses the UI of the installer. /qn is a silent install and /qn+ is a silent installation with a single modal dialog indicating that the installation is complete.

APPLICATIONFOLDER=C:\silent install\Program\ - Installs the program files to the specified location.

PACKAGE_HOMEROOT=C:\Silent install\homeroot\ - Installs the workspace files to the specified location.

/i "MicroStation.msi" - Indicates the package to install.

Here is another example that suppresses the installation of workspace files and sets the install to leverage an existing workspace location by setting the workspace path to another location in "msdir.cfg"

msiexec /l*vx log.log /i MicroStation.msi /qn+ ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE="ExampleProjects,WorkSpaceExamplesGeneralFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesBuildingFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesGeospatialFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesPlantFeature,OptionalFontFeature" APPLICATIONFOLDER=c:\08110517 PACKAGE_HOMEROOT=c:\08110517-WS

(Please note that all of these are on one line)


ADDLOCAL=ALL - Install everything...

REMOVE="ExampleProjects,WorkSpaceExamplesGeneralFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesBuildingFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesGeospatialFeature,WorkSpaceExamplesPlantFeature,OptionalFontFeature" - but do not install these feature components. Here is the complete feature list which you can choose not to install:

MdlToolsFeature, WorkSpaceDefaultFeature, ExampleProjects, WorkSpaceExamplesGeneralFeature, WorkSpaceExamplesBuildingFeature, WorkSpaceExamplesCivilFeature, WorkSpaceExamplesGeospatialFeature, WorkSpaceExamplesPlantFeature, WorkSpaceStandardsFeature, DocFeature, Utilities, WinTabFeature, DiagnosticToolsFeature, DatabaseExamples, DatabaseBUDBCExampleFeature, DatabaseODBCExampleFeature, DatabaseSql2005ExamplesFeature, DatabaseSqlSrvrExamplesFeature, DatabaseOLEDBAccessExampleFeature, DatabaseOLEDBUdlFeature, DatabaseOracleExampleFeature, TradChnsFontFeature, KoreanFontFeature, KanjFontFeature, OptionalFontFeature

APPLICATIONFOLDER=c:\08090277 PACKAGE_HOMEROOT=c:\08090277-WS - Write this as the workspace path in msdir.cfg.


MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) Deployment Image

New features have been added to the MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) installer.

Create Deployment Image Option Available:

In the installer, you now have the option to create a deployment image of the application. The deployment image is created by the system administrator for installing the application with the same installation configuration on multiple machines. For further details, refer to the Deployment Guide page in the readme document located at the root of your
installation directory ("..\Bentley\MicroStation<version>\MicroStation\readme_MicroStation.chm").

The Deployment Guide and QuickInstall Guide page in the Readme can now be accessed from the installer wizard by either clicking the help icon on the installer dialog or by pressing F1.

Bentley Prerequisites Installed Automatically:

The Prerequisites for Bentley Desktop Applications 08.11.09.xx are now automatically downloaded and installed to your workstation while you install the application. For further details, refer to the readme document located at the root of your installation directory ("..\Bentley\MicroStation<version>\MicroStation\readme_MicroStation.chm").

MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) Deployment Guide


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