Export Applied Loads from Ram Modeller to ISM

Ram Structural System can now export its applied gravity loadings to ISM.

Under File --> ISM --> Options.

 There is now a checkbox option to Export Gravity Loads.


In Ram Structural System, point/line/surface loads are firstly created with a "label" and the following loading components defined:

then assigned to a particular location in plan in Ram Modeller as points, lines and areas.

In ISM, a load case is created for each loading component, each occurrence of a load will have its name assigned to the same "label". No Load Cases are created if there are no occurrence of a particular load components.

In addition, Snow and Drift Loads are supported as well.

Structural Synchronizer

In Structural Synchronizer, Loadings can be viewed or isolated per load cases. Level Display allows you to selectively show and hide different layers.

Loads, Load Cases and type of Loads (Point, Area or Line), can be selected.

A sample model with Surface Loads as Defined in Ram Structural System and its corresponding view in ISM (Note that Surface Load Polygon Priority is enforced).

Corresponding View in Structural Synchronizer