RCDC-Column & Shear Wall

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Product(s):STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:Concrete Design
Subarea:Column & Shear Wall Design
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
  1. [[Detailed explanation for Gravity column design in RCDC]]
  2. [[Why only 50% of longitudinal reinforcement considered For Column Shear Calculation?]]
  3. [[Why RCDC shows message of “Elevation of Column has been Omitted” while generating elevation of combined wall?]]
  4. [[There is option under shear wall for detailing as Boundary Element or Equi Spaced rebar. I wish to have detailing as equi-spaced rebar, but it never gives detailing as equi spaced and redesign consume lot of time]]
  5. [[Does RCDC calculate the effective length factor based on ACI 318M -14 Fig. R6.2.5 (b) for sway frames?]]
  6. [[On what basis does RCDC perform the Joint shear check based on the Aspect ratio of vertical member as per Clause 7.1.2 IS13920 - 2016 & Amendment no.1 - 2017?]]
  7. [[Can RCDC handle columns of shape L, T and other odd shapes?]]
  8. [[When equal number of bars are provided in all columns from plinth to top floors, after design it’s showing lesser bars at the bottom and more at top]]
  9. [[Some of the columns are missing at lower level even if they have exist in Staad model]]
  10. [[Forces for column do not match with analysis]]
  11. [[In edit link arrangement all the internal links can be removed. It doesn’t affect the design of links in column design. Please clarify]]
  12. [[Does RCDC calculate the Effective length factor automatically or it is user defined? Is it same for all columns in model or different?]]
  13. [[Spacing of confining reinforcement for column as per IS13920 2016]]
  14. [[In RCDC, we can group columns and design them. But, when we go on creating elevation there is no way to create a single elevation for all the columns in a group. This feature is available only for detailed drawing. Can we incorporate the same for elevation]]
  15. [[How can we change the Un-supported length in RCDC when column is tied in one direction and is free in another direction?]]
  16. [[In Failure Diagnostic We Can Get Only Reason Of Failure But Not Get The Calculation. How We Know The Failure Calculation Of Column?]]
  17. [[RCDC consider 0.4% reinforcement for column minimum reinforcement by default. Is there any clause in IS code to reduce column minimum reinforcement from 0.8% to 0.4%?]]
  18. [[A parametric wall is having different thickness at different levels. RCDC is unable to show the correct thickness. What may be the cause?]]
  19. [[In my model I have grouped the columns. Instead of column name I want to see group names. How to do that?]]
  20. [[Does RCDC designs shear wall for out of plane moments in addition to in plane moments?]]
  21. [[Can we design shear wall/wall with single layer (mesh) of reinforcement?]]
  22. [[Please clarify the braced and un-braced design conditions]]
  23. [[Pl refer to Annexure A off IS 13920 which states walls are to be designed for uniaxial bending. Columns are considered as biaxial. Hence, their design cannot be clubbed under one set]]
  24. [[Can we have calculations for boundary zone length in wall design?]]
  25. [[RCDC follows ductile detailing as per 13920 for outer ring of boundary element but reduces link dia. & spacing for inner links]]
  26. [[What is the basis for only 20% of vertical reinforcement is considered for the calculation of Shear capacity (Tc)?]]
  27. [[How and when Modulus of rupture check performed in RCDC?]]
  28. [[In which cases we should not consider perform slenderness check - When to and when not to consider slenderness?]]
  29. [[Provide detailed explanation for identification of section as a wall with respect to Depth and Width of member in RCDC]]
  30. [[Clause used for “Minimum Eccentricity Calculation” of walls as per IS 456-2000]]
  31. [[Customization of column reinforcement after auto design]]
  32. [[RCDC Not allowing to Merge Levels / RCDC Shows Message -"Levels cannot be merged due to change in column/wall geometry"]]
  33. [[Pier issue]]
  34. [[ACI-317, CL. 18.7.3 requirements are checked by RCDC in design.]]
  35. [[Shear reinforcement spacing for gravity column as per IS13920 2016 code]]
  36. [[Redesign of shear wall]]
  37. [[Skip Joint Check in IS13920 2016]]
  38. [[Boundary Element length calculation for shear wall as per IS13920 2016]]
  39. [[Design of different moment resisting frame as per ACI code ]]
  40. [[Control of link spacings in column design in RCDC]]
  41. [[Unable to read model with wall in RCDC]]
  42. [[Columns are missing in RCDC ]]
  43. [[Duplicate records of Column forces in mdb file.]]