RCDC General

Applies To
Product(s):STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:Concrete Design
Original Author:Ranjana, Bentley Technical Support Group

  1. [[Importing gridlines from AutoCAD.]]
  2. [[Design calculation reports can be exported in Excel format.]]
  3. [[Settings to freeze drawing style.]]
  4. [[Unable to read analysis data]]
  5. [[Load Combinations considered for regular and irregular buildings]]
  6. [[Data exported from Etabs in FPS(foot-pound-second) reflects in RCDC as MKS(meter-kilogram-second).]]
  7. [[Is the Vertical axis of STAAD and RCDC Same.]]
  8. [[How to change safety factor for design codes in RCDC?]]
  9. [[Defining concrete grade as 27 N/sqmm in RCDC for IS code design.]]
  10. [[To design a building for repeat load cases from STAAD in RCDC.]]
  11. [[Explanation of live load reduction as per Table-10 of IS 1893-2016 in RCDC.]]
  12. [[RCDC unable to read load combinations if added in analysis file .]]
  13. [[Ductile detailing of beams columns without increasing cross section.]]
  14. [[Shear calculations in RCDC is limited to 415 N/sqmm]]
  15. [[RCDC create "Text Schedule" with unrecognizable characters.]]
  16. [[Unable to read Staad files as RCDC closes on its own.]]
  17. [[Style Manager setting in RCDC .]]
  18. [[Steps to add new grid lines in RCDC]]
  19. [[Importing same grid data, column/beam marking and sizes in all design modules in RCDC for a structure.]] 
  20. [[Force considerations from different Analysis software like STAAD to RCDC, ETABS to RCDC and RAM-SS to RCDC.]] 
  21. [[Unable read file if steel and concrete columns are at support level]]
  22. [[Error while opening Rcdx file older than Version 10.]]
  23. [[Ignore Beams/Columns during Model import in RCDC]]
  24. [[How to export Load combination and Load cases in RCDC ]]
  25. [[Complete Wall geometry is not identified when we import ETABS (.accdb file) in RCDC]]
  26. [[Crack width calculated by RCDC appears to be in negative value. ]]
  27. [[Display of English and Metric units in RCDC.]]
  28. [[Advanced Concrete Design Not Found ]]
  29. [[Using Discussion Group within STAAD RCDC]]
  30. [[File Compatibility in Different Versions]]
  31. [[Water Tank Structure Design mode in RCDC]]
  32. [[Design Method for ACI Code]]