Missing AutoCAD SHX font

 Version:08.11.xx.xxx and 10.00.xx.xxx

Error or Warning Message

"Replaced missing AutoCAD SHX Font ISO" 

Further details from Message Center include:

"Replaced missing AutoCAD SHX Font ISO with default AutoCAD font msdefault. Some text may not display correctly. Make sure that the SHX font is present in the AutoCAD fonts directory or MS_DWGFONTPATH contains the path to the location of the SHX font."

How to Avoid

One option to try:

  1. Find the folder to which the MS_DWGFONTPATH variable is pointing to (can be done by going to Workspace > Configuration and scrolling to find MS_DWGFONTPATH)
  2. Search the computer and any network drives for the font, iso.shx in this case
  3. If found, copy the font and paste into the folder found in step one
  4. Start MicroStation again and open the file to see if error appears again

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 Original Author:Conor King