Generate a hang dump with ProcDump


Problem Description

A dump file is a snapshot of an application at the point in time the dump is taken.
For performance or hang issues, you need to collect, hang dumps. A hang dump is also known as "manual dump".


Steps to Accomplish

Download ProcDump from this link

Download the complete SysInternals-Suite from this link Or use the Sysinternals Live -

1. Open Command Prompt
    Press Win + R keys and key in Cmd

2. Assuming MicroStation is in a hung state
    Key-in "procdump microstation.exe"
    Key-in "\\\tools\procdump microstation.exe"


    To create a dump file in folder "d:\dumpfolder\"
    Key-in "procdump microstation.exe d:\dumpfolder\"
    Key-in "\\\tools\procdump microstation.exe d:\dumpfolder\"


    Write 3 mini dumps 30 seconds apart of a process named 'microstation':
    Key-in "procdump -s 30 -n 3 microstation.exe"
    Key-in "\\\tools\procdump -s 30 -n 3 microstation.exe"


3. Check this link for more examples

Note: For MicroStation V8i, use process name as "ustation.exe" e.g. "procdump ustation.exe" 

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