Make the reference file use same color table as Master

 Version:V8 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT


How can I make the reference file use the same color table as the master file?
When selecting a color table to attach to master file it does not appear to be attached or affecting the reference file colors 


In V8i (Select Series):

Go to Workspace > Preferences > Reference > Use Color Table

In CONNECT Edition:

Go to File > Settings > User > Preferences > Reference > Use Color Table

If off, MicroStation ignores any color table attached to a reference and displays the elements in it using the active design file's color table. This speeds up loading design files with references attached, but may change the colors in which the elements in the references are displayed. The default is on. A change is not effective until MicroStation is restarted. 

Note also the variable MS_REFCOLORTABLE can be set

MS_REFCOLORTABLE = 1 MicroStation always uses the reference's color table.

MS_REFCOLORTABLE = # other than 1 MicroStation never uses the reference's color table.

If MS_REFCOLORTABLE is not defined MicroStation uses the user preference to determine whether or not to use the reference's color table.

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