Elements in the view are ignoring the applied Display Style

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Graphics Display
 Subarea:Display Styles


Having applied a Thematic:Height Display Style to view the various heights of elements in the view, some elements remain unaffected.

In the sample below, the two long cylinders are the same length and positioned at the same Z value in yet one is not picking up on the Thematic:Height Display Style.


Display Styles applied to elements override the Display Style applied to the view. Thus the issue is not necessarily specific to the Thematic:Height Display style as illustrated in this example above.


Select the cylinder or element(s) not displaying the Thematic:Height Display Style and open the Properties dialog. Expand the ' Extended ' section and locate the ' Display Style ' and change this to 'From View'


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 Original Author:Carl Myhill