Batch Process: Toggle on/off display of specific levels in multiple design files (without references

 Environment:Windows 10
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I have multiple design files (without references) where I need to quickly toggle the display of elements drawn on a specific level to OFF (or ON).


This can be done through the Batch Process utility that is provided with MicroStation CONNECT Edition. This can be found by navigating to File>Tools>Batch Process.

Hypothetically, let's say you have designed a proposed roadway layout that contains a centerline. This proposed roadway layout has been referenced and merged into multiple design files in your project. This centerline has been drawn on the particular level "Road_Centerline"  in all of your files which can be seen below (red dotted line):

To quickly toggle the display of this centerline to OFF within these multiple design files, navigate to File>Tools>Batch Process. From here, create a new command file. In this command file, the following (or similar syntax) can be used. Note that the # symbol before each line cancels out that particular line during the process. MicroStation simply does not read a line when it starts with the # symbol. The actual commands are highlighted below:

***IMPORTANT - for the below example syntax to work, the "Save Settings on Exit" user preference must be toggled to ON. This allows the changes to be kept in each file when toggling on/off the view display of the specific level***

# This is performed to change the active level in each file. You cannot toggle on/off the display of the active level.
# In this case, it is set to the Default level. Be sure to change the active level to a level different than the level which you desire
# to toggle on/off

active level Default;

# This tells MicroStation to toggle off the level display for the Road_Centerline level
set level off Road_Centerline;

# This tells MicroStation which views will be changed. In this case, all the views will be affected
selview all;

# This is the same as a right-click

Add all files to the process, then save the batch process job in a .bprc file.
Next, process the batch process job for all the selected files. Your batch process job should look similar to this:

Observe the changes to the level display within each file. The centerline is no longer visible as desired.

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 Original Author:Jayson Perry