How to Manipulate Reference Attachments as Elements

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 Version(s):v8i, CONNECT
 Environment: N\A
 Area: Reference
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


How to manipulate Reference Attachments as elements with the standard manipulation tools.


The following methods were made available for MicroStation XM and later:

Method 1 - There is a Element Type in the Element Selection dialog
box called Reference Attachments. When selected, all reference
attachments in the file are selected and can be manipulated with the
standard Manipulation tools (not to be confused with the reference
manipulation tools).

Method 2 - When the Boundary Display is on for References, the attachment
can be manipulated by selecting its Boundary. The Reference
Attachment's Boundary can be made available for selection by either
selecting the Reference in the Reference dialog box with Hilite Mode set
to Boundaries or Both or by turning on Boundary Display in View
Attributes. The latter method will result in the display of all the
Attachment Boundaries until the View Attribute setting is turned off.

Method 3 - There is a Reference Attachment setting called Manipulate
as Element. When turned on the Reference can be manipulated with the
standard Manipulation tools by simply s electing an element in a
reference. Also, a column has been added to the reference dialog box
called "Treat Attachments as Element for Manipulation" which allows for
this setting to be turned on and off quickly.

- While the third method requires that Manipulate as Element be on, the
first two methods do not.
- The first method is particularly useful when manipulating all of
Reference Attachments at the same time as elements in the active file.
For example, select all of the elements in the active file and then
select Reference Attachments in the Element Selection dialog box, the
References can be moved along with moving all the active elements.

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