Startup Logs

 Product(s):MicroStation Connect
 Version(s): and higher
 Environment:Windows 10

Startup Logs


To troubleshoot Product Startup performance issues, Bentley Technical Support may request for Startup Logs

Steps to Accomplish

Steps to generate Startup Logs

1.  Create a Windows System Environment variable MSENV_LOGSTARTUP and set it to ‘1’ or ‘true’.
     Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings 


2.  Start MicroStation Connect Edition and open a design file

3.  From Ribbon open the KEYIN dialog

4.  Enter key-in “SHOW STARTUP C:\temp\Startup1.log” (Note the destination folder must exist. if not a DOS window will appear with the log information)

5.  Send the captured log to Bentley Technical Support via Service Request created on your behalf

If required repeat process and sequence log name Startup2.log and share

Once the logs have been captured, close MicroStation and delete the Windows System Environment variable MSENV_LOGSTARTUP


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 Original Author:Leonard Jones