How to Create a Dimension Style

 Version:V8, 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT
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How do I create a Dimension Style in MicroStation and where can I locate these tools?


The below steps are show in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, however, the workflow would be similar in previous versions of MicroStation such as v8i.

First, open the Dimension Styles dialog which can be found in the Drawing workflow>Annotate tab>Dimensioning ribbon group

The Dimension Styles dialog box will appear as follows:

Select the "New" icon, which looks like a blank piece of paper, or select "New" from within the Style pull-down menu.

Highlight the "Untitled" text and enter a new Dimension Style name.

Set up the desired settings for your dimension style which could include various items under the Geometry, Units, Text, Symbology or Advanced tabs like:

After the Dimension Style settings have been finalized, click on the "Save" icon or select "Save" from the Style pull-down menu.

Further detail can be found in the online help documentation:
Dimension Styles - MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

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