How to Create a Text Style

 Version:V8, 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT
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How do I create a Text Style in MicroStation and where can I locate these tools?


The below steps are shown in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, however they can be applied to previous versions.

First, launch the Text Styles dialog from Drawing workflow>Annotate tab>Text Ribbon Group

You should then see the Text Styles dialog box:

Select the "New" icon, which looks like a blank piece of paper, or select "New" from within the Style pull-down menu.

Highlight the "Untitled" text and enter a new Text Style name.

Set up the desired settings for the text style which would include:

After these settings have been finalized, click on the "Save" icon or select "Save" from the Style pull-down menu.

Further detail can be found in the online help documentation:

Text Styles - online help

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