How to rotate 30 images in one step

 Applies To 
 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT
 Area: Raster
 Original Author:Judy Wong, Bentley Technical Support Group


Rotating and scaling raster images


I have 30 images that were attached as Raster references , can I rotate in one step and then scale them in one step?

Steps to Accomplish

  1. From the Raster Manager dialog box, select all the desired images. (Hint: press and hold on to <Shift> key while selecting first image filename and going down to the last image filename)

  2. Go to Edit menu, and choose "Rotate". Enter the angle value to rotate. Other options include 2 and 3 points rotation.

  3. To Scale, repeat the same procedure as by selecting all the desired images and choose "Scale" from the Edit menu. Enter the value of scale factor.

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