Add relative path to reference

  Product: MicroStation  
  Version: V8, XM, V8i  
  Environment: N\A  
  Area: Reference  
  Subarea: N\A  


How to add relative path to reference
How to automatically add a relative path to a reference attachment
How to automatically remove the relative path when the attachment is in the same folder as the active file


Example mdl application


Put the MDL application is the folder that MS_MDLAPPS is point to
Key-in: MDL LOAD mkrefsrelative

This will scan all the attached references and convert the found path into a relative path, if possible.

- If the reference file is inside the same folder as the active file, the relative path will be NULL, which will effectively clear the file name field in the attachment.
- The key-in can be ran in Batch Processor. You can use it in conjunction with batch process to process many files. In the command file you can amend the line with an n, y, h, or ?. ex: mdl load mkrefsrelativ n

n - no alert dialog will be displayed.

y- alert dialog will display.

-It is a good idea to turn ON the user preference Reference->"Cache When Display Off" when running mkrefsrelative, because otherwise MicroStation doesn't bother to try to find references whose display is off, and mkrefsrelative can only work on references that MicroStation successfully finds.

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  Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group