Display of font to rounded edge when printing PDFs

 Version:V8i, CONNECT

Problem Description

When I print a design file to PDF, the font appeared to be "blocky" or "squarish" at the edges. Is there any setting that will help to make the edges to be rounded at the corners. Font used is ''isocp".

Steps to Resolve

1.      Edit the pdf driver configuration file (pdf.pltcfg)  

2.      In the Base Properties tab:

3.      Under the group ‘General’

·        Set "Default Line Cap" and "Default Line Join to "Round" (instead of Flat)


4.      Under the group ‘Driver Properties’

·        Set "Precision”  to Maximum”


5.      Then save the file and Reload the printer driver configuration file, for effect to take place. This will set the corner edges to appear rounded.


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 Original Author:Judy Wong