ADPlus with SLS option


ADPlus with SLS option


ADPlus is the debugger used to capture crash, hang dumps.
The SLS option is used to generate a detailed log about modules and entry points, which is useful to troubleshoot DLL not found, PATH or name conflicts.

Steps to Accomplish

Steps to generate a Dump file with logs.

1.  Download and install Windows Debugging Tools

2.  Create a folder “C:\Temp”. All the logs will be created under this folder.

3.  Open a command prompt and change directory to Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows program.
     for a 64 bit machine:
     C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\
     for a 32 bit machine:
     C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x86

4.  Enable “Show Loader Saps” and run the following in command prompt.
     gflags -i ustation.exe +sls (MicroStation V8i)
     gflags -i microstation.exe +sls (MicroStation Connect)

     gflags -i powerdraft.exe +sls (PowerDraft Connect)

5.  We will use Adplus to capture the dump logs. Run the following in command prompt.
     adplus -crash -quiet -pmn ustation.exe -o  c:\temp (MicroStation V8i)
     adplus -crash -quiet -pmn microstation.exe -o  c:\temp (MicroStation Connect)

     adplus -crash -quiet -pmn powerdraft.exe -o c:\temp (PowerDraft Connect)

6.  Reproduce crash now. If the problem is intermittent, this may take an indefinite amount of time; Do not close the command prompt window (highlighted in the image below) during this time. Allow some time for the memory dump to complete.

     After reproducing the crash successfully, allow some time for the memory dump to complete, the command prompt highlighted above will disappear. Once this has been completed please zip up the folder “20170606_135346_Crash_Mode” with the crash dump and upload the zip files to sharefile location provided in the email.
     Below is an example of a folder with a crash dump inside:


7.  Disable “Show Loader Maps” by running the following, in command prompt.
     gflags -i ustation.exe -sls (V8i)
     gflags -i microstation.exe -sls (Connect)

Note: The log file generation takes a long time. Do not close the following window marked with Red box.



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 Original Author:Leonard Jones