Add new Date / Time Format for use in Text Fields



There are many Date / Time formats that can be selected when placing various Text Fields but we require a format that is not listed.

eg. September 2022


The DateTimeFormats.xml file under the following default location defines all the standard Date / Time formats.

C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\Data\DateTimeFormats.xml

This can be edited using Notepad++ to include a new line and add a new format for the Date/Time.

<Format FormatString="MMMM yyyy" Description="Full month name, 4 digit year." />

It would be suggested that you should make a copy of this DateTimeFormats.xml file to a new location and point to this file using the following configuration variable.

MS_DATETIMEFORMATS = [Filename | Standard Date Time formats | NO | YES]

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 Original Author:Andrew Bell