True Type Font Displays and Scales Incorrectly

 Version:v8i, CONNECT
 Environment:Windows 10


When opening my drawings, some text is scaling larger and displaying incorrectly overall. It is almost like it is being stretched.
The correct fonts are being read and the font itself is correct. Also, the properties of the text have not been changed.
How can I fix this?


Text using third party TrueType fonts that were not designed using the generally accepted TrueType definition may display differently than in previous releases of MicroStation. Although the current presentation is more accurate, you can make the text using these fonts appear as it did previously by setting the configuration variable MS_80TRUETYPESCALE = 1 in your configuration. You can do this in the Personal.ucf or any other configuration file.

Here are some sample steps to set this on one machine using MicroStation CONNECT Edition:

1. In Windows File Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\10.0.0\prefs
2. Open the Personal.ucf file with Notepad
3. Insert the following on the next new line:


4. File>Save and then close this file
5. Open your drawings in MicroStation and the issue should be resolved.

BEFORE (using TechnicLite True Type Font)

AFTER (using TechnicLite True Type Font)

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