How to open "Select By Attributes" dialog in CONNECT Edition



How can the dialog box "Select By Attributes" be opened? I can´t find it in the ribbon.


Option 1

The Icon for "Select by Attributes" is in all workflows (Drawing, Modeling, Visualisation, Admin) available via ribbon  "Home" > "Selection" and is hidden by default. It still needs to be activated via the right mouse button.


Option 2

Enter the text "Select by" in the "Ribbon Search" Tool and select the recommend tool "Select By Attributes"


Option 3

Ribbon: "File" > "Settings" >"User" > "Tool Boxes" > enable "Selection" > "OK"
("Selection" toolbox is displayed in image of Option 1)

Option 4

When elements are selected the number of seleted elements is displayed in status bar.
Clicking on this "Selection Set" area in the the status bar when it shows the number of selected elements opens a pop-up menu containing the following items:
Select Element - Select an element in the active model.
Select All - Select all elements in the active model (effect is same as choosing Edit > Select All or pressing <Ctrl+A>).
Select None - Deselect all elements in the active file (effect is same as choosing Edit > Select None).
Select By Attributes - Open the Select By Attributes dialog (effect is same as choosing  Drawing > Home > Selection.

Option 5

via Key-in:  MDL LOAD SELECTBY DIALOG (Ribbon: "Home" > "Primary" > "More" button > "Key-in")

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