How to Turn Off Display of a Nested Reference Using a Key-In

 Version:V8i, CONNECT

How to turn Off the display of a nested reference using a key-in.


This could be used in a batch script to be run ever a large number of files.

Steps to Accomplish

In this example we will consider a "Master.dgn" file with a reference file "Ref_1.dgn" attached to it, which has the "Ref_2.dgn" attached to. Clearly "Ref_2.dgn" is a nested reference in the master file"Master.dgn".

1. Check that "Live Nesting" is enabled for "Ref_1.dgn" and that both "Ref_1.dgn" and "Ref_2.dgn" are displayed

2. Open the key-in panel and type the following key-in, without quotation marks:

"REFERENCE DISPLAY OFF Ref_1.dgn->Ref_2.dgn"

3. The display setting of "Ref_2.dgn" will be turned off.

The above key-in can be used with the ON|OFF|TOGGLE options and the " * " or "ALL" as wildcards instead of the file names.

For example: 

" REFERENCE DISPLAY OFF Ref_1.dgn->* " and " REFERENCE DISPLAY OFF Ref_1.dgn->all "

without quotation marks, will turn off display of all nested references attached to "Ref_1.dgn"


" REFERENCE DISPLAY ON *->Ref_2.dgn " and " REFERENCE DISPLAY ON ALL->Ref_2.dgn " 

without quotation marks, will turn off all the instances of the nested reference "Ref_2.dgn", regardless to what file it is attached to  

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