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How to create a new Geographic Coordinate System?


Before following the below steps, follow the directions contained here in order to create and define a user coordinate system library.

  1. First, copy an existing coordinate system. Paste it in the user library and edit the copy.

    CAUTION: MicroStation does not let you edit any of the coordinate systems in the delivered library; rather, you copy an existing coordinate system, paste it in the user library and edit the copy.
  2. Locate the coordinate system to edit, or one that is similar to the one to add.
  3. Right-click the coordinate system entry and select Copy.
  4. Select the User library in the Geographic Coordinate System dialog and select Paste.

    A copy of the selected coordinate system is pasted into the user library.

    Note: Coordinate system names must be unique and cannot exceed 23 characters. It must contain at least one letter A to Z. It can contain any uppercase or lowercase letters, any digit from 0 to 9 or one of the following characters: _-$:.;~/ or spaces. Characters with accents or diacritic remarks are not permitted. Cases sensitive names are allowed but names must be unique when compared as uppercase.
  5. To rename, select the coordinate system, right-click and select Edit Coordinate Systems Properties.

  6. A dialog displays allowing you to edit the name or other properties. Click OK when finished.

  7. Custom coordinate systems can be deleted by right-clicking and selecting Delete from Library.

  8. It is also possible to right-click on a coordinate system to Copy or to Add To Favorites.
  9. Edits to the coordinate systems libraries occur immediately. If a coordinate system is selected and you click OK in the Select Geographic Coordinate System dialog, it will be interpreted as wanting to assign that coordinate system to the DGN file.

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