Resolved issues for MicroStation CONNECT Edition 17.2

1045180Fixed crash while opening specific DWG file.
1046890Resolved crash with  Item Type Filtered Picklist when used in Arrays with specific file
1052875Resolved issue with controls from the Modify Named Presentation Dialog Box in localized environment
994453MicroStation crashes when placing a tag set with Association disabled in the Attach Tags dialog
997228Fixed issue with importing Level Table from corrupted dng file that causes a crashe
999526Fixed issue when toggling Reference dialog column cannot be toggled on/off for 2D referenced files.
1003843The element with anchored fixed constraint is moved in non-top/bottom view.
1021199Linestyle symbology not showing on existing linestyles, show as "Not Found" in specific rsc file
1024573Modify Solid Entity Tool fails when issuing Tentative Snap on Snap Point with Face Mode activated
1026274Resolved issue with WinHttpGetProxyForUrl error: ERROR_WINHTTP_UNABLE_TO_DOWN LOAD_SCRIPT  at startup 
1027892Fixed crash while attaching attached specific TIFF file
1028193Resolved issue with specific case Associative Extraction - Edge
1028255Fixed issue where MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS is ignored when set at Organizational Level 
1031527Resolved crash with Place Label tool-setting> click on ‘Filter Cell Names’ button with large cell list causing a crash
1031588WMS raster attachment not displayed correctly after selecting new coordinate system
1033182Resolved crash when trying to Toggle Auto 2D Constrain Settings while Profile is selected
1037557Fixed issue with specific WMTS raster image is not coming in when it is nested attached in another model and the orientation is Geographic - Reprojected
1037870Resolved issue with Exception occurred while iterating ItemType by using C++
1039095Fixed issue with required Config variable which will override the preferences MS_VUE_HISTORY
1039332Resolved crash when Place Table from specific Excel File in any DGN file 
1040717Performance issue when updating Item Types from DGNLIB file
656042After converting DWG to DGN and running the key in: convert acistoparasolid all,  using display view smooth part of the aircraft becomes transparent
861140Resolved issue with Annotative AEC_MVBLOCK_REF objects from Xref. displayed in wrong scales. 
873108Display of nested reference gets turned off in a sheet model after turning on and off another reference in a design model
906169Fixed issue with specific field values changed from dgn to dwg when opened in AutoCAD.
908986Resolved issue where Loft Solid Tool does not consider Grouped Hole as a Profile Element
982037Fixed issue with branding DGN should also show Configuration name along with WorkSpace and WorkSet.
983032Profile based solids created using 2D Parametric Cell having Placement Points adopts Property of a Placement Points
983109Profile based solids created using 2D Parametric Cell having ByLevel Properties Property are not consumed correctly (Attributes appear as 0,0,0)
988367Item type Text Fields placed from cell file are not updating when property pane is closed.
989847Resolved issue with specific PDF file crash while open, import or attached PDF file as Vector PDF.
992606Branded file does not to switch to correct workspace/workset, when Custom/Example Configuration is activated and opening DGN (using double click) from Manage Configuration
670280Fixed issue with MS_KMLOUT variable not honored when using Export Google Earth File tool
697570Fixed issue with Point Elements From geo connector is not getting selected when we attach iModel created from Geo Connector
728258Resolved issue with Cut Solid Tool - preview does not update when hitting the Shift key as per message
728262Fixed issue with Cut Solid Tool - cut with line is not orthogonal as selected and shown in preview
728719Fixed issue with Perforator failed to work after changing Active Angle value while placing specific Parametric cell
768377Fixed issue with MicroStation crashes when changing property on specific reference files
656804Resolved issue with Save Multiple Image tool uses only one machine for rendering when using Distributed Rendering
660557Fixed issue with Word Wrap of Text Nodes from DWG Files
661140Resolved issue with  Enter Data Fields not working when user uses EDF character in text editor dialog
661602Fixed issue with VBA methods to create new elements from given array of elements like CreateCellElement1 are raising a runtime error or crash if executed from external process
653763Fixed issue with Perforator : If Assembly Solid having Perforation is moved by distance x then Placed perforator cell is moved by distance 2x
653934Resolved issue with Cut Solid with Curve (Cut Method : Split Solid) : Tool does not give correct result when we use multiple Line elements as Cutting Profile
654974Instances of Array Along Path Feature appear distorted when we 'Show Input Element', Transformation is restored back to normal moment after you 'Hide Input Element'
655230Improved performace with Non-displayed Nested References are loaded when we open the file - which causes Performance issues when opening files
945612Fixed issue with DWG drawing generated with Civil 3D displays in sheet model different than in AutoCAD, MicroStation text is spread over two lines in AutoCAD a single line.
945809Resolved issue with exporting Sheet Model only gives incorrect results.
946864Fixed issue with VBA File properties documentation: Update Design File Property Descriptions (typical) wrt Runtime error and Values returned
949591Resolved issue with unloaded PDF displays in MicroStation
959061Fixed issue with incorrect annotation scale for "AECC_ALIGNMENT_STATION_LABEL_GROUP" text in cell in paper space for specific file
961947Added  the ability to remove/hide the Configuration from start Screen.
961950Addedthe ability to remove/hide Manage Configuration from start Screen.
963911Upgraded libxml2 with known CVE 
964934Fixed issue with SmartMatch tool matches Fill Type for linear elements
968458Resolved issue where you cannot change custom line style scale first time in specific file
970293Resolved issue with "AECC_ALIGNMENT_STATION_LABEL_GROUP" text in cell in paper space text displays at incorrect angle in sheet model
971302Fixed issue where you are not able to Append Parametric Cell (having a certain combination of Parametric Solids in the Cell Definition) with the Features (e.g. Hole)
980896Fixed issue were Report result is not matching with result shown in Explore window in specific file