How to print Raster Images in Grey Scale using Print Organizer

 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT

How do I print Raster Manager attached images in Grey Scale using Print Organizer


When Printing using the 'Print' dialog, to produce a single Print there is the menu item 'Settings > Raster Options' dialog allowing for the output color adjustment to greyscale. The same settings can be found when using Print Organizer and can also be predefined in a Print Style.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open the Print Organizer (File > Print > Print Organizer)

  2. From the Print Organizer dialog select Tools > Define Print Styles.

  3. From the Print Styles dialog Create or Edit an existing Print Style

  4. Select the 'Advanced' Tab and navigate to the Raster Options section and set the following by toggling through the options.

  1. Having set these and other preferred Print Style settings, save the Print Style.

  2. Return to the Print Organizer dialog and apply the New / Modified Print Style by:

  3. Select the 'Add Files to Set' tool, and on the 'Create Print Definitions' dialog select the '...' Next to the Print Style name: field and select the Print Style followed by OK.

Alternatively, the Raster Options can be applied Manually through the 'Print Definition Creation Options' dialog.

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