Disabling DWG Auto-save

 Applies To 
 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT
 Environment: Windows 7,8, & 10
 Area: DWG
 Subarea: Save
 Original Author:Reginald Wallace, Bentley Technical Support Group


In MicroStation V8, auto-save writes your design changes to the file periodically. There may be instances where you open a DWG file and you do not want your work automatically saved.


When DWG files are open for editing, changes made in the DWG file are not automatically saved as they would be in the default settings for DGN files. Files must be manually saved, saved at time of closing the file, or they can be set to automatically save. In instances where you may open a DWG file to make temporary edits or no edits at all, how can the automatic save feature for DWG be invoked?

Steps to Accomplish

To disable the DWG autosave option:

  1.  Open any file in MicroStation 

  2.  File>Settings>Configuration>Configuration Variables (CONNECT)
     Workspace>Configuration (V8i)

  3.  Select Category "File Saving"

     "DWG/DXF >File Auto-Save" (V8i)

  5.  Click the Edit button

  6.  Enter "0"

  7.  Click OK>OK again>and click Yes to save the changes

  8.  Restart MicroStation

If this configuration variable is set to zero, no auto-save is done while the DWG file is open.
The file is now only automatically saved on exit or when switching to a different file.

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