How do changes in Level Display Manager appear in a print set?

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 Original Author:Frank Reimann, Bentley Technical Support Group










Problem Description

The Level Display Manager control was used to switch ON and Off certain Levels in a MicroStation drawing, which is part of a print set (*.pset).

If you open the corresponding print set of this drawing, you will notice the changes in Level Display Manager are not shown in the print preview or on the printout.

Steps to Resolve

The settings in Level Display Manager are virtual Settings. These Settings will be saved into the dgn on disk after using the following:

MicroStation -> File -> Save Settings

or using the setting

Workspace -> Preferences -> Operation -> “Save Settings on Exit”

Print organizer is opening the drawing file from disk in a new MicroStation instance and creates the print preview or the print. For this reason, the changes on the level display are not visible until the settings have been ​​saved.