How to Auto Maximize when changing paper sizes.

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 Original Author:Mark Marrero, Bentley Technical Support Group








Problem Description

When changing the paper size in the print dialog box form Letter to Tabloid, the output does not automatically resize or maximize.  You are forced to hit the maximize button - if that step is missed, the output is not sized properly for the paper.  How do you make this happen automatically.


Steps to Resolve

There is a Printing Preference option which allows for auto-maximizing when you change from one paper size to the other.  It is located in the Print Menu under “Settings>Preferences”.  Check the box named “Maximize on new plot area”.  This value is unchecked (or turned OFF by default).

There is also a variable which controls this.  It is Undefined by default:

If MS_PLT_MAX_ON_NEW_AREA is set to '1', the print size is automatically maximized when the print area is changed.  This includes when a view number is selected or a fence is placed. By default, the current print scale is preserved.

You also have to uncheck: Enable Scale Preservation it is ON by default: