How to delete the Most Recent Used (MRU) PSET history from Print Organizer

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 Original Author:Mark Marrero, Bentley Technical Support Group








Problem Description

How to delete the Most Recently Used (MRU) PSET history from the file pull down in Print Organizer.


Steps to Resolve

MRU information for Print Organizer is stored in a file called PrintOrganizerSettings.xml which is typically located in a uniquely named directory under:


MicroStation creates one directory for each version of MicroStation you run.

If you open the XML file you will see the list of MRU PSETs at the bottom.  The easiest way to clean all of this MRU information is to run the ‘ustation –restoredefaults’ command line.  This clears all the MRU settings for Print organizer.  Alternatively, you can carefully remove only the PSET entries from the XML file.