How to start Print Dialog with Units=MM

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 Area: Print/Plot
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 Original Author:Evert de Jong, Bentley Technical Support Group


How to start Print Dialog with Units=MM in MicroStation V8, XM and later versions


For MicroStation V8 and XM edition. The options for MicroStation V8 and XM are;
a) Change in File menu the command line under PRINT.
This is normally:
dialog plot
Change this to dialog plot ; print units mm


b) Create a script with following command lines
dialog plot
print units mm
print exit
Save the file: (like in <PATH>\start-print-mm.cmd)
Add this command file to MicroStation startup qualifiers:
"C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -S
(Note after -S there is NO Space)
Now when MicroStation start the units is set. When next type Print
Dialog is started the last settings for units will be used.

In MicroStation V8i is such possible using Print Styles.
Method is :
- Open DGN Library.
- create using Print Organizer a print style and define Units=mm
- In printer driver file select the created print style