How to: Add Automatic File Path to Print Border

 Applies To 
 Version(s):XM and Newer
 Environment: All
 Area: Printing
 Original Author:Anders OMahony, Bentley Technical Support Group









This WIKI describes how to add an automatic file file path to print borders.


For tracking purposes it can be nice to add an automatic file path to the print border. This method is very fast as you only have to edit the Printer Driver Configuration and not all the different drawing headers Cells/Tag in the company.

The method works for both Sheet and Fence prints.

Steps to Accomplish

1. File > Print

2. File > Edit Printer Driver Configuration

3. Base Properties > Print Border

4. Set Border On = True

5. Set Border Comment = $(MS_PLTDGNFILE_LONG)

6. Adjust the Border Comment text size and position to suite.

7. File > Save then File > Exit

8. File > Reload Printer Driver Configuration and print the drawing. See result below

Note that the Border Comment/File Path will not show in the Print Preview.

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